Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

metallica - live at the fillmore, 05.12.2011


disc one:
  1. the call of ktulu
  2. no remorse
  3. the shortest straw
  4. leper messiah
  5. kirk solo
  6. the day that never comes
  7. carpe diem baby
  8. hate train
disc two:
  1. please don´t judas me
  2. wherever i may roam (feat. metclubber john dent)
  3. sad but true (feat. john marshall)
  4. (anesthesia) - pulling teeth jam
  5. no leaf glover (feat. apocalyptica)
  6. one (feat. apocalyptica)
disc three:
  1. harvester of sorrow (feat. jason newsted)
  2. damge, inc. (feat. jason newsted)
  3. motorcycle man (feat. biff byford)
  4. the prince (feat. sean harris and brian tatler)
  5. it´s electric (feat. sean harris and brian tatler)
  6. helpless (feat. sean harris and brian tatler)
  7. am i evil? (feat. sean harris and brian tatler)
  8. seek and destroy (feat. everyone!)
recorded live at the fillmore, san francisco, usa, 05.12.2011

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