Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

metallica - live at the fillmore, 07.12.2011


disc one:
  1. to live is to die
  2. enter sandman
  3. holier than thou
  4. disposable heroes
  5. kirk solo
  6. bleeding me
  7. wasting my hate
  8. my apocalypse
  9. just a bullet away
  10. breadfan (feat. metclubber andrew dowis)
  11. the memory remains (feat. marianne faithfull)
disc two:
  1. killing time (feat. ray haller)
  2. turn the page (feat. kid rock)
  3. the four horsemen (feat. john bush)
  4. iced honey (feat. lou reed)
  5. the view (feat. lou reed)
  6. white light/white heat (feat. lou reed)
  7. creeping death (feat. jason newsted)
  8. battery (feat. jason newsted)
  9. mercyful fate (feat. king diamond, hank shermann, michael denner and timi hansen)
  10. seek and destroy (feat. everyone)
recorded live at the fillmore, san francisco, usa, 07.12.2011

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