Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

metallica - live at the fillmore, 10.12.2011


disc one:
  1. orion
  2. through the never
  3. ride the lightning
  4. the god that failed
  5. kirk solo
  6. welcome home (sanitarium)
  7. rebel of babylon
  8. blackened (feat. metclubbers dennis & annette diaz)
  9. dirty window (feat. bob rock)
  10. frantic
disc two:
  1. sabbra cadabra (feat. geezer butler)
  2. iron man (feat. ozzy osbourne and geezer butler)
  3. paranoid (feat. ozzy osbourne and geezer butler)
  4. king nothing (feat. jason newsted)
  5. whiplash (feat. jason newsted)
  6. motorbreath (feat. hugh tanner)
  7. phantom lord (feat. dave mustaine)
  8. jump in the fire (feat. dave mustaine)
  9. metal militia (feat. dave mustaine)
  10. hit the lights (feat. dave mustaine, ron mcgovney and lloyd grant)
  11. seek and destroy (feat. everyone)
recorded live at the fillmore, san francisco, usa, 10.12.2011

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