Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

one off show


disc one:
  1. bridge
  2. living with the big lie
  3. runaway
  4. goodbye to all that
    the opium den
    the slide
    standing in the swing
  5. hard as love
  6. the hollow man
  7. alone again in the lap of luxury
    now wash your hands
  8. paper lies
  9. brave
  10. the great escape
    the last of you
    fallin´ from the moon
  11. made again
disc two:
  1. splintering heart
  2. easter
  3. king of sunset town
  4. waiting to happen
  5. sympathy
  6. kayleigh
  7. lavender
  8. heart of lothian
  9. uninvited guest
  10. slainte mhath
  11. the release
  12. hooks in you
  13. garden party
disc one: live at apollo theatre, oxford, uk, 08.05.1994
disc two: live at the borderline club, london, uk, 09.05.1992

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