Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011


racket records 2006


disc one (album demos):
  1. between you and me
  2. quartz
  3. map of the world
  4. when i meet god
  5. the fruit of the wild rose
  6. separated out
  7. this is the 21st century
  8. if my heart were a ball it would roll uphill
disc two (writing sessions):
  1. music in the sky
  2. who can say what it means
  3. what goes on in between
  4. i sang that pretty tune
  5. blow a fuse day
  6. fix it in the usual way
  7. you´re just gonna stop
  8. trying to have fun
  9. it´s so hard
  10. lights of the city
  11. watching the people
  12. pinned up on the wall
  13. gonna see it all
  14. sit back and watch
  15. feels so warm
  16. don´t do that
  17. no solution
  18. perfect mirror
  19. such waves
  20. i´m so alone
  21. voluptuous crimson
  22. they come to play
  23. in your mind
  24. come to bed
  25. flash to crash and burn
  26. i heard everything you said
  27. rest your heavy head
  28. they´re not at all the same
  29. running scared
  30. we can see sense
  31. ankle deep in glue
  32. can you play me a song
  33. don´t you ever wonder

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