Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

edison´s children - in the last waking moments

racket records 2011

  1. dusk
  2. fracture
    fallout (of the 1st kind)
    the last refrain
  3. in the first waking moments...
  4. a million miles away
    (i wish i had a time machine)
  5. fallout (of the 2nd kind)
  6. outerspaced
  7. spiraling
  8. the "other" other dimension
  9. across the plains
  10. in the last waking moments...
  11. liefline
  12. fallout (of the 3rd kind)
  13. the awakening
    slow burn
  14. fallout (of the 4th kind)
 feat: pete trewavas, ian mosley, mark kelly, steve rothery and steve hogarth


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