Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011



side one:
  1. classical intro
  2. emerald lies (opening section)
    script for a jester´s tear
  3. incubus
  4. chelsea monday
side two:
  1. the web
  2. misplaced childhood
    pseudo silk kimono
    bitter suite
    1) brief encounter
    2) lost weekend
    3) blue angel
    4) misplaced rendezvous
    5) mindswept thumb
    heart of lothian
    1) wide boy
side three:
  1. misplaced childhood
    heart of lothian
    curtain call
    waterhole (expresso bongo)
    lords of the backstage
    blind curve
    childhood´s end?
    white feather
side four:
  1. fugazi
  2. garden party
    market square heroes
recorded live at muziekcentrum, vredenburg utrecht, holland, 15.10.1985

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