Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

metallica - live at the fillmore, 09.12.2011


disc one:
  1. suicide and redemption
  2. master of puppets
  3. ...and justice for all
  4. of wolf and man
  5. kirk solo
  6. fade to black
  7. the thing that should not be
  8. i disappear
  9. the outlaw thorn
  10. hell and back
disc two:
  1. blitzkrieg (feat. metclubber joseph guariglia)
  2. for whom the bell tolls (feat. jerry cantrell)
  3. nothing else matters (feat. jerry cantrell)
  4. so what (feat. animal)
  5. tuesday´s gone (feat. gary rossington, pepper keenan, jerry cantrell and jim martin)
  6. fuel (feat. jason newsted)
  7. fight fire with fire (feat. jason newsted)
  8. die, die my darling (feat. glenn danzig)
  9. last caress/green hell (feat. glenn danzig)
  10. rapid fire (feat. rob halford)
  11. seek and destroy (feat. everyone)
recorded live at the fillmore, san francisco, usa, 09.12.2011

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